Editor's Note - August 2023

Adriana Courts |
Often, I mix up my usual industry learning with other topics to explore.  My favorite, by far, is personal development.  
"Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become."
I love words.  These words were a powerful way to remind myself about the things I choose to prioritize, choose to react to (or not react to), and to remind myself about the impact (both for myself and for others around me) of my actions.  In my mind, these words apply to both personal and professional settings. 
How do you line up your actions, which become --> habits, and their subsequent --> results
How do you do this for your team to evaluate productivity and effectiveness? 
Do you and your team feel empowered by your actions - or are the actions a reactive (a.k.a. stressful!) scramble?

I have many goals, and I realize that sometimes I need to choose one or two to focus on first in order to be more effective.  My personal goal for August is to simplify to amplify effectiveness. 

One way to think about goals and development from James Clear was to phrase it this way: "I am the type of person who ____________."  I like sharing this in a team setting, also.  "We are the type of team that ________________."  Do this as a collaborative exercise! 

I would love to hear about your goals for yourself and for your team.  Who do you wish to become, or wish for your team to become?  How do you keep accountable to the actions to get there?

As summer winds down, I hope you can savor it.  I hope the pleasant fresh air of the mornings and these lingering, warm evenings give you all an energetic charge for your next transformation. 

With gratitude,